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Afghan Taliban confirms delegation visiting Pakistan

ABU DHABI: Afghanistan’s Taliban has confirmed that they have sent a “high-level’ delegation to Islamabad for talks with Pakistani officials, saying it hopes the visit will have “fruitful results” and “in the interest of both countries.”

A foreign news agency reported on Wednesday that  the Taliban delegation has traveled from its “Political Office” in Qatar to hold the discussions in the light of “close relations, long border and commercial transactions” between the two neighboring countries.

Diplomatic sources say the Taliban delegation is on a mission for “exploratory discussions” as part of Islamabad’s efforts to facilitate peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

The Taliban’s political office in Qatar’s capital of Doha is solely authorized to conduct political talks.  The esteemed leader of Islamic Emirate (the Taliban) has instructed the delegation to discuss issues regarding Afghan refugees, some recent problems related to (Afghan) border provinces of Helmand, Nangarhar.

The Taliban negotiators will particularly discuss with Pakistani authorities the release of Mullah Bradar and some other prisoners.

The delegation, which is gone (to Pakistan) from here (Qatar) is holding talks on the issues that I have stated above and has no other particular item on the agenda, foreign news agency reported.