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Afghan and Indian Intel organization join hands with TTP against CPEC

ISLAMABAD: The intelligence bureau on Tuesday unveiled that Indian spy organization RAW and Afghan office NDS have shaped a nexus with banned Tehreek e Taliban and East Turkmenistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) to harm the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The chief of intelligence bureau Aftab Sultan told the Senate Standing Committee led by Senator Tulha Mehmood that the knowledge authority had thwarted plans of various fear based oppressors and captured more than 5,000 psychological militants and their supporters amid insight based operations in the nation. He uncovered that a few operators of RAW and NDS were additionally among the captured people.

The nexus of TTP, ETIM, RAW and NDS needed to demolish the CPEC and IB was assuming a critical part in thwarting their detestable outlines against this grand venture. “These fear monger gatherings are a major danger for China also because of CPEC,” insight authority DG said.

After the Zarb e Azb operation, the ETIM moved from Wazirstan to Afghanistan and the Afghan government did not make any move against them. We have been entrusted with the security of CPEC and we are giving security to Chinese nationals chipping away at CPEC and non CPEC extends too. Uncommon Armed Forces have additionally been prepared and soon would be conveyed for CPEC’s security, Aftab Sultan said.

The chief of intelligence bureau revealed that groups of TTP were being utilized by RAW and NDS for fear based oppression exercises in Pakistan. “We captured numerous psychological militants who admitted that they work for them, and they were ready to work for whoever gave them the most cash,” said the authority boss. “RAWs’ specialist Kulbhoshin Yadev’s announcements and admissions are outstanding, while India neglected to give any single confirmation of the Uri assault, despite the fact that we requested it over and over. In the event that India gives us prove, we are still prepared to examine that occurrence.”