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Wife caught her husband in the act of adultery

In the district of Al-Mansuriyya in Saudi Arabia, the police officials have arrested a man who has been accused of committing adultery as he was having sex with a vacuum cleaner and was caught in full action by his wife.

The man has been married for 17 years and was caught by his wife in a very compromising position with the vacuum cleaner. His wife states ” After 17 years of loyalty, this is how he mistreats me, I feel used and disgusted.”

Adultery is a crime, which under some specific circumstances can lead to punishment by death in the Islamic Law. However, the case of this man is not that extreme thus the punishment will be lighter, one that of committing adultery outside of marriage.

“Due to the peculiar nature of this case of adultery, in which the accused performed sex with a home appliance and not with an animal or a human being, the judge has decided to give him a lighter sentence than usual for this crime.” Furthermore, the guy is to face two years in prison and will face 1000 lashes.

The man has pleaded his innocence in the court as it remains unknown if he used the vacuum cleaner to perform the sexual assault.  The police say that he is been held in custody and further investigation in underway.

This case can be a challenging one for the Saudi government as Islam has no law as per having sexual act with homemade appliance but experts still believe as this was an act of adultery and should be dealt with accordingly