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Adiala jail declines to take people detained from the protest

ISLAMABAD: The administration of Adiala jail in Rawalpindi declined to take hundreds of people detained through the protest owing to a deficiency of space.

The detained individuals were taken before area judges pursuing their judicial custody. After the judges delivered the instructions, the suspects were taken to the Adiala Jail.

Upon their arrival at the jail, the prison administration refused to keep them there citing the unavailability of space, a police officer said. Later, the suspects were brought back to Islamabad and sent to the district jails of Gujrat, Attock and Jhelum.

A high-ranking police officer added that during the sit-in over 750 people were picked up. Well ahead, some of them were free and the left over 609 arrested officially.

Last night, we got directions to verify and interrogate each and every arrested person and those found innocent should be released, he said, adding during the process 255 suspects were set free.

A man was arrested and kept in custody for three days on a suspicion after he came to Blue Area to purchase Umra tickets for himself and his mother on Monday, he said.

Correspondingly, almost a dozen people riding two vehicles came to Islamabad to visit the Bari Imam Shrine but they were taken into guardianship while departing the capital city.

Meanwhile, the Kohsar police reserved a number of protesters on the charge of damaging the metro bus station at Jinnah Avenue.

A case was recorded counter to them under section 427 (mischief causing damage to the amount of fifty rupees) of the Pakistan Penal Code which is a bail able crime, having two years’ sentence or a fine or both. Five people recognized with their names along with hundreds of others were chosen in the case.

The police said they were scrutinising the CCTV footages to recognize those who damaged the public and private property. They said NADRA’s assistance would be required to smidgen the accused.