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Activists Get High In Front Of White House

On Saturday, hundreds of the supporters of marijuana legalization got high in front of White House in a protest that was aimed at getting cannabis distant from the federal govt’s most serious grouping of illegal drugs.

The mass protest that was led by DCMJ (Marijuana group based in DC and whose activists could be pointed out wearing the red, smurf-like ski hats) had called for President Obama to take marijuana off the list of Schedule I of Controlled Substances Act.

Federal govt. classification that is given to the “most dangerous drugs” lumps marijuana in with more severe drugs like LSD, bath salts and heroin permitting it to be prosecuted bellicosely.

At 4:20 p.m. Eastern time, the protesters had lit their joints, fired up their bowls & pulled on their vaporizers in unison with the little disruption from Secret Service or local police. They even inflated a plastic inflatable joint of 51ft with the message “Obama, de-schedule cannabis now.’’

The founder of DCMJ, Adam Eidinger, stated that the law enforcement had initially refused to let the huge inflatable joint into the Lafayette Square Park, but they’re able to avoid them by smuggling it in flattened & inflating it in the park.

“Just like good stoners everywhere, we snuck in a 51ft joint, past the Secret Service,” joked Eidinger.

A D.C.-based marijuana grower, Sandra, who was there with her husband, Josh, who is a certified arborist, said that  marijuana had been a blessing for her depression, sciatica & arthritis.

“The only harm that the [legalization] would cause would be to the pockets of pharmaceutical companies,” said the women. “There’re so many medications I do not have to take because I smoke marijuana.”

Sandra also said that she appreciates the concerns that people have about how marijuana has developed to be more concentrated over years — but to her, it only made the case for the legalization more evident.

‘’We need the laws for it so we can regulate… so that people do not have bad experiences,” said Sandra.