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 Academy Awards are Necessary for Stunt Performers to Bring Them into the Spotlight

By Hussain Khalid Mirza

Not all the time situation is same as we see on the screen. Stuntman is the person who gets into the battlefield with the face mask of protagonist. Not every person is Jackie Chan who performs his stunts on  his own. It is very difficult to put your life in danger for someone and your name would not even be revealed and none credits you will get.

Helen Miller has shared her thoughts about the people who dive in the sea to fetch fish for all the people in ship. She says ” there really should be an Oscar for stunt work,” she gave briefing to a UK site. Helen Miller herself is an Oscar winner and she received her award in 2007 for ” The Queen “.

I am not much keen of Hollywood but I can mention some of the good examples of stunts from Bollywood industry. Here is one of the short stories of a stuntman in Bollywood who could feel the heat of flames on his back.

Helen Miller has given fifty years of her life to Hollywood Industry. This decade she adopted a new avatar with two different movies like ” Red ” and ” The Fate of the Furious “. She is feeling the charm of the action movies and love playing roles in this genre. She says Oscar award gave her opportunity to work in action movies and it is one of the wonderful advantages of winning an Oscar.

This is how it looks, when Helen Miller fires a gun. It is not easy  to catch a witty woman.

Helen Miller is not the one who is speaking for the person who puts his life in danger for hero ( as we call on the screen ) before this Ashkay Kumar has told his audience what actually the life of stunt is. Kumar played role of stunt man in Kambakht Ishq and in ” Waqt : The race in against time ” he shot a scene as a stunt man where he shows stuntman does his job and paid less than the lead actors.

Kambakht Ishq is not all based on this issue but still we can enjoy a song from this movie with Kareena Kapoor.

Real performers should always be rewarded. Who perform behind the screen, few days before to click with real heroes and write about them.