Abu Dhabi Police Warns Job Seekers

Threat of "Bogus" Online Recruitment Agencies.

Job seekers have been warned by the Abu Dhabi Police from falling for bogus online recruitment companies and their attempt to pass off as established firms.

Director of Security Information General Brigadier Al Kaabi, advised that the job seekers from around the world should exercise caution and take care of their personal information when dealing with recruitment websites, so that agents can not exploit their anxiousness to get a job. Al Kaabi further discussed how the agents also charge the job seekers heavily.

Fake firms usually claim that they need money to issue a visa to their clients and that’s how the job-seekers fall prey to these counterfeit firms. They also tempt the people with fake job offers and fantastic salaries to carry out fraudulent activities, he added.

Al Kaabi also brought into light the fact that legitimate recruitment companies do not ask for fees. And asking for personal or private information from job applicants is also not necessary for them.

Abu Dhabi Police [ADP]
Al Kaabi further stressed that they [the Police]are providing awareness and working to enhance it to the job seekers so they can avoid the dangers posed by fraudsters and fake recruitment agencies.

The ADP are working to raise awareness about such scams to prevent the job seekers of falling prey to such fraudulent and fake companies.