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Aasiya Andrabi Urges Pakistan to Observe Black Day Against Indian Atrocities in IoK

By Mian Abrar

ISLAMABAD: Asiya Andrabi, the chairperson of Dukhtran-e-Millat, an organisation of Kashmiri women seeking independence from Indian occupation, has urged Pakistan to observe Black Day to condemn the bloodbath by Indian occupant forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) which left 17 youth martyred in the valley on Sunday.

In a recorded voice message on social media, Asiya Andrabi asked Pakistan to observe Black Day against the Indian aggression targeting pro-freedom Kashmiri youth.

“Please tell them (Pakistan) to at least observe Black Day in solidarity with the Muslims of Kashmir, the entire Kashmir is bleeding. Even at this moment, while we are counting the bodies, pro-Pakistani songs are being played in mosques and loudspeakers. The people of Kashmir are seeking your support,” said the veteran pro-freedom activist.

Andrabi, while crying, questioned to what extent the Kashmiris would keep sacrificing for freedom.

“You know what songs are being played in the mosques of Kashmir? We will fight and save Pakistan under this flag. But our Pakistan is silent. Please convey this message to the masses in whatever way is possible,” concluded Ms Andrabi.

While the politicians, media and the general public of Pakistan condemned the Indian atrocities in statements and over social media, the pronouncement of Black Day by Pakistanis to show solidarity with their Kashmiri brethren is yet to come.

Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani strongly condemned the brutal use of force by India in the occupied valley which resulted in the shahadat (martyrdom) of more than 20 innocent Kashmiris and injuries to more than 200 civilians.

The Senate chairman said that India is carrying out the brutal crackdown, especially the use of pellet guns on protestors, including youth and children in an attempt to subjugate and further repress the pro-freedom voice of the people of Kashmir.  This mindless killing, he said, reflects the inhuman face of the state-terrorism that India has been perpetrating against the innocent Kashmiris for decades.

Sadiq Sanjrani expressed complete solidarity with the people of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) and urged the international community to take notice of the gross and systematic violations of fundamental human rights taking place in IoK and use its influence to bring an end to the abhorrent culture of impunity that has escalated over the last many years.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dr Faisal tweeted, “Prime Minister condemns the deplorable cold-blooded murder of more than 20 Kashmiris by Indian forces in Indian occupied J&K, state crackdown, including pellet guns on protestors and suspension of the internet to ensure silence and demand fact-finding missions”.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Shirin Mazari also condemned the incident in a tweet stating, “Indian occupation forces continue to unleash a brutal killing spree against unarmed Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Clearly the Trump Administration has given a boost to Indian and Israeli state terrorism while United Nation Security Council remains hostage to veto”.

Hamza Ali Abbasi, actor and TV anchor, condemned the Indian atrocities in Kashmir and tweeted, “Kashmir bleeds. Indian occupation is slowly but surely failing against the resolve of the brave people of Kashmir. The courage of the people of Kashmir and their determination for freedom is too much for more than 700,000 heavily armed Indian soldiers”.

Twenty people were killed in Indian-held Kashmir in some of the fiercest clashes this year in the region, police said on Sunday, as authorities braced for more violence.

Islamabad condemned the brutal and indiscriminate use of force by the Indian forces.

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