A Republican Going to Cuba with Obama This Weekend

WASHINGTON — After the decades of GOP opposition to restore the diplomatic ties with the Cuba, some of the Republican members of Congress decided to join President Barrack Obama on his trip to Havana this weekend.

I do not think that the president is necessarily wrong in saying maybe we can have a better effect on the Cuban govt. & the society by having a more open exchange of ideas,” Representative Reid Ribble had told “So That Happened,” that is the HuffPost Politics broadcast.

Rep. Reid Ribble will be among as many as 20 members of Congress who are accompanying the president Obama on the 2 day jaunt. The Senator Jeff Flake will also be going, according to his office.

Mr. Ribble stated that he supports ending the economic embargo that the United Stated has imposed on Cuba since 1960s, seeing that over the course of a past few decades the policy has not made island nation any less Communist. He said that ending this embargo would be good for American businesses.

“When they see the freedom of mobility Americans have & their willingness to come & invest money, I think it is a natural thing that they are going to want not only our products & services — & certainly Wisconsin cheese and milk — they are going to want American style freedom as well,” said Representative Reid Ribble.

President Barrack Obama, however has loosened the travel restrictions to Cuba & had last year restored the diplomatic relations with country.