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A private school’s pre-exam notice to parents will leave you in awe…

The world that we’re living in is really scary. It demands perfection and nothing below it is accepted by our society. There is no place for ‘almost’ and ‘just okay’ sort of words. Everyone wants to be the best and no one is ready to face defeat. Victory is the ultimate aim of every human being on Earth these days and failure is met with disgust and anger. The dream to conquer the world and reach the top has destroyed several lives. Yet, the lust of a human being continues to increase with every passing day and there is no way that he is ready to lose his game.

Children are admitted in schools at a very early age. They are taught to fight for their rights, to be perfect and are expected to bring the best grades home. Nothing below an A+ grade is appreciated or acknowledged by the parents. They want their children to touch the highest level of intelligence and they set their children’s future goals without having a slight hint of their favourite hobbies. Their ultimate desire is to see their kids as future doctors and engineers. If a child thinks to pursue arts, music or any other such subjects, he faces heavy criticism and is discouraged due to his ‘poor selection of career goals’.

All private schools these days in our country are cashing this ‘craze for perfection’. They are misguiding the parents and trying to convince them that their children will receive the best ever grooming in their institutions.

In such a terrible situation, Dar e Arqam school has tried to stand out of the squad and help explore the child’s real abilities. The school’s message leaves the reader in such a thought-provoking manner. The little initiative taken by the school administration is an act that needs to be encouraged throughout the country to stop further stress, violence, inequality and inferiority problems etc.

A powerful message has been given to the parents in order to let their children be tension free and explore their hidden abilities. The message emphasizes on the fact that every child is capable of excelling in a different field. Everyone possesses different talents and is bound to bring success home if he is allowed to do so. So, it is the duty of the parents to trust their children, to let them fly freely and give the best that they can.

This school deserves appreciation for bringing a positive and much needed reminder to the society which is under constant pressure. Such little things can not only change the society but can also bring change in the thinking way of the entire nation one day.

Here is the notice for you all to read and feel inspired:

(source: google images)
(source: google images)