A huge number of dancing drones set World Record

 Another amazing world record has been set up by Intel by launching 100 Dancing Drones in the sky who performed surprisingly entertaining the spectators.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has introduced a statement in his keynote believing that the drones will replace fireworks now.

He stated: I see a future where fireworks and all of their risks of smoke, dirt are a thing of the past and they are replaced by shows that have unlimited creativity and potential and powered by drones.

The statement was first taken just as non-sense imagination however, Intel also have launched a video as a proof which really fascinates a person may be more than fireworks.

The video shows 100 flashing drones being controlled in a melodious way with the music hence, dancing and flashing properly in the sky with no risk of smoke and dirk.

A huge number of dancing drones set World Record

Krzanich also told during his speech that Intel set a new ‘Guinness World Record for flying the most number of drones’ together at the event.

He also added: The past can be replaced by new creativity powered by drones. This is what it means to reinvent experiences using new technology.

The senior director of Futurelab, Horst Hoertner focused on the future, “It is the only thing that can be created. Everything else is already created. Hope and curiosity is the drive that helps you get things done that have never been done before.”