A glass of water contains 10 million bacteria but don’t panic…they are harmless

Stockholm: The researchers have found that our tap water contains 10 million bacteria but they say ‘don’t worry’ as these bacteria can actually improve the quality of water.


Researchers from Lunch University in Sweden found that these microscopic bacteria grow at the water treatment plant and on the insides of water pipes.

Although harmless, after time they can form a thin, sticky coating on the inside of the pipes called biofilm.

This discovery also revealed that there is a huge diversity of bacteria species living in water pipes and they play a more important role than previously thought.

A previous and completely unknown ecosystem has revealed itself to us,’ said Catherine Paul, one of the researchers from Lunch University.

He went on to say that formerly we could hardly see any bacteria at all and now, thanks to techniques such as massive DNA sequencing and flow cytometry, we suddenly see eighty thousand bacteria per milliliter in drinking water.

From having been in the dark with a flashlight, we are now in a brightly lit room, but it is only one room. How many different rooms are in the house is also an interesting question!’

According to the researchers, there are at least a couple of thousand different species and there is also connection between the composition of bacteria and water quality.

He maintained that we suspect there are ‘good’ bacteria that help purify the water and keep it safe – similar to what happens in our bodies.

Paul said that our intestines are full of bacteria, and most the time when we are healthy, they help us digest our food and fight illness.