A Fired Employee Fires Back: Takes Five of His Colleagues as Hostage

Saleem Shahzad, a fired employee, who worked in Gulshan-e-Maymar factory, took his colleagues as hostage upon the non-payment of salary and unjustified firing. He threatened that if he is not paid and reinstated back to his position, he would blow himself up along with his five colleagues.

The man who previously worked as a machine mechanic of a processing plant announced that his sacking was not justified and he has not been paid for the past three months by the proprietors of the plant.

“I will blow myself and my associates up shortly if I am not paid,” disgruntled Shahzad threatened. Though rangers and police have taken charge of the factory and cordonned off the area but to this moment nothing have not been finalized.

Police have cordoned off the zone in case of any untoward event and encompassed the manufacturing plant premises to pull off the talks with Shahzad, however, the aggressor has declined to move from his stance.

Police said that they offered Shahzad the possibility of compensation to surrender and they will ensure he gets his job back along with his salary. But he needs this compensation immediately.

In the featured video, filmed by his colleague, Shahzad is seen with a pistol in his hand sitting with a composure and seems to be in no hurry. His colleagues argued with him that they had no part in his firing or non-payment of his salary.

Shahzad was fired because he was absent from his work for a few weeks due to an accident he met lately.