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A company gives its employees half a day’s holiday for Game of Thrones

It is definitely normal to become the ‘huge’ fan of any film, drama, celebrity or personality however, such cases are rare to be seen or observed in society.

Just recently, happened in UK that a company has given its employees half leaves so that they can sleep properly after watching Game of Thrones.

Is not it amazing? No doubt, it is!

A creative studio or technology agency, +rehabstudio, which usually works for clients including the giants, Google, Starbucks, and Disney also is giving all its staff, working in UK, an additional half-day vacation so that they can enjoy the new season of the blockbuster ‘Game of Thrones’.

The company’s operations directors, Emma Willis shared the screenshot of the company’s online employee handout on LinkedIn writing, “When your company slips you an extra morning off work to recover from a #gameofthrones binge you know you’ve hit the jackpot. Didn’t expect that in the company handbook this morning! Thank you +rehabstudio for all the #perks 😀 Enabling a lie-in after a 2am air date is one of the many reasons I love you. Now all I have to contend with is my toddler. Ha! As well as detailing the additional half-day morning vacation for all the company’s 68 UK staff, the handbook warns: “US staff are reminded not to share spoilers on the intranet until after the show has aired in the UK 24 hours later.”


The post has gained at least 2700 likes.

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