8 things to give up in your life

Along with the will to attain everything in life, still an individual have to give up many things or habits in life to pave the road of the his journey and to move ahead.

Sometimes, a person adapts habits in life which lead him to destruction and not a successful life. Besides habits, it may include some parts of human nature also including a person’s negative thoughts and powers that do not let him to produce something positive. He, due to his negative thoughts, is left unsuccessful in the world.

The negative thoughts may also include an individual’s under estimation of his own powers and abilities. This inner complex also leads to a situation when a person feels helpless and hopeless. He feels no more optimistic. Even the situation can also lead to a place where the human being can get psychologically upset.

To avoid such dark situations, here Baaghi TV brings to you those basic eights things that a person should give up in his life.

  • Fear of failure

Fear is something that can spoil you internally and can challenge even your success. When you feel confident that you have done enough hard work and definitely after that hard work, success is a must output then. No need to feel fear off loss.


  • Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is like committing suicide as it can even lead a person to dark. An individual must remain optimistic throughout his life. It is said that a human being’s will power is so strong that can even turn the situation.

Positive thinking

  • Low thought for job

Whatever job you do, do not degrade or think low of your job. Every job is important if you are working hard and the job is legal. The most interesting fact for people is that, without the jobs that they consider low, the big tasks remain unaccomplished.

I love my job

  • Giving up in hard situation

Do not just give up in difficult situations and continue your struggle, you never know how close is your destination and when you give up, your all efforts go wasted.

Give up

  • Feeling Angry

Stop getting hyper or angry over little things and in major issues, you need to even stay more calmed and humble as your brain would make proper decisions in a calmed situation.


  • Gossiping

Gossips are now being considered as a fun side however, it leaves dark mark on your personality. When you talk negative about anyone then do not expect people to be loyal to you behind you also.


  • Destructive criticism

The healthy criticism is positive in many regards however, excessive criticism and negative criticism can lead to serious problems especially people wouldn’t trust that person for positive statements or arguments.


  • Laziness

Laziness leads to nothing but ‘sleep’ and the leaves the life aimless and aimless life can not achieve success.



There are many other factors also that Baaghi TV will share with you soon however, these basic factors are must to be given up.

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