8 July 2018, A Black Day in the Aviation History of Pakistan

A380 takes off and our own airlines take a nosedive

Today is one of the black days for aviation industry of Pakistan as we allowed Emirates A380 to operate from Islamabad. Indeed, it’s a big blow to our aviation industry.

In the whole world, countries protect their own interest but it’s only in Pakistan for pseudo-glamour we destroy our own industries. Emirates wanted to operate A380 from Canada as well but Canadian Govt. refused despite all pressure, so much so UAE govt. put restrictions on Canadian passport but Canadian Govt. remained steadfast and stuck to their stance to save their airlines. India did not allow Emirates to operate A380 to protect their airlines but we have allowed Emirates to operate A380 on our soil. Everywhere the routes are given on reciprocal basis but today Emirates has been given seven flights from Karachi only and they have permission to operate from Lahore as well, Multan and Peshawar along with Air Arabia, Fly Dubai and Etihad.

They have been given permission to operate from Quetta, Faisal Abad, and Sialkot. As a result, Airblue and Shaheen had to shut down their flights from these places because they were offering non-realistic prices which our airlines could not compete. Shaheen is on the verge of collapse and the new airline which were coming up like Go Green and Sial are also in deep jeopardizes.

It’s time we start thinking in the interest of our country instead of serving others for a few dollars.