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65 foreigners living in Islamabad disappeared

Islamabad: Foreigners living in 65 houses in Islamabad have disappeared after the final notices were served to provide their details.

According to a report published in Dawn, police collected the details about the tenants of 238 houses but found the 65 residences vacant when approached after the expiry of the deadline, which was 15 March.

Police and house owners are unaware of their credentials.

Government issued a survey notice to 403 houses with foreigners in February 2015 ordering foreigners in Islamabad to submit their credentials to their related Police stations.

Foreigners categorically challenged the writ of the Government and denied any such action however later on Government of Pakistan issued a final notice to block the exit and entry of the houses.

In last month 238 submitted their credentials on the last moment through Foreign office however as many as 65 foreigners living in 65 different houses disappeared from Islamabad.

According to authorities, 118 houses were under the use of Americans followed by 32 by Chinese nationals.