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60pc of Kashmir pellets victims have no chances to regain eyesight

SRINAGAR: In occupied Kashmir, 60% of the general population who endured eye wounds because of the pellets let go by Indian powers on dissidents amid the progressing mass uprising, have extremely dreary opportunities to recover vision, specialists say.

Dr Tariq Qureshi leader of the branch of Ophthalmology SMHS Hospital told media men that of the 850 pellets harmed conceded in the doctor’s facility, vision of six of the patients whose eyes were offensively harmed with pellets couldn’t be recouped. He said that 15 patients had totally lost visual perception in one of their eyes.”So far we have conceded right around 850 patients who were bearing pellet wounds in their eyes. Six of them have been totally blinded while right around 15 patients have one eye totally blinded,” Dr Qureshi said.

He said that very nearly 55-60 percent of the patients who were taking after the checkup had distressing opportunities to recuperate vision in their one eye, KMS reported. “We are treating them and attempting our best to reestablish their vision. In any case, I for one imagine that in 50-60 percent patients disregarding having experienced surgery the odds of recuperation of visual perception is somber or zero,” he included.

He further said that there were upwards of 44 patients who had both their eyes harmed. “Pellet is a 4mm rock and it gets scattered when terminated. It touches ground and conveys clean which at last can lead disease among the patients. It can prompt twofold aperture and harm the eye cornea and focal point,” he said.