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6 TTP militants killed in Lahore encounter

LAHORE: According to police, on Wednesday six alleged militants belonging to a fragment group of the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) were exterminated in an ‘encounter’.

The spokesperson from Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) told the police “received information that nine to ten suspects belonging to the Ustad Aslam Group of the banned TTP” were present near Tallat Park in Kachi Abadi Sherakot, Lahore.

The individual also stated that they were forming to attack law enforcement agencies’ offices and noticeable personalities in Lahore.

The officials described the scene that the CTD team reached the scene and dared the suspects, who released haphazard fire at the officials. The security personnel then strike back.

When firing stopped, six suspects – later identified – were found dead. They were killed by firing of their own accomplices,” the spokesman said, adding that “three to four suspects managed to escape in the dark.

Weapons and explosives were also convalesced, including “four to five kilograms of explosives, four detonators, two Kalashnikov rifles, three motorcycles, four pistols, and 97 bullets.”

An investigation is underway to arrest the escaped terrorists, said the CTD spokesperson.

Explosives, four detonators, two Kalashnikovs, four pistols, three motorcycles and 97 magazines were detained from the keeping of militants.

With the addition of these six suspects, the total number of terrorists killed in the city after the deadly Gulshan-e-Iqbal attack has risen to 11