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6 Tips to Help You Recognise Fake Gadgets

Top brands have a number of copy cats out there who manufacture fakes so well you are unable to recognise them.

Here are six tips and tricks that will save you from falling into the trap of fake gadgets’ retailers.

1. Pay close attention to the packaging:

Manufacturers of fake products often compromise on the package design whereas, the official retailer will make sure there is not even a slight mistake on the packaging.

Take a close look at the print quality, make sure the font looks legit and is consistent everywhere. Also ensure that the seams and corners of the packaging film are in perfect condition.

2. Look inside the user manual:

All crucial information about the gadget is given in the user manual.

Make sure that the user manual is in the language of the country of purchase (or English), if it is written in a language that is foreign to you and you are unable to read it, consider it a red flag, chances are the device is either smuggled or a brand copycat.

3. Pay attention to the material:

Note: Famous brands never save on materials. Whether it is plastic, rubber, aluminium or any other material, you should make sure that the covering of the gadget you are purchasing is smooth, and without any seams.

Pointer: A fake gadget is covered by cheap plastic with matte shades and irregular surfaces.

4. Take a look at the fonts:

A logo is the identity of any brand and is always given special attention by authentic manufacturers.

All fonts and symbols on the device must be smooth, readable, and durable. Often, fake gadgets lack the name of the manufacturer or the information provided is somehow wrong.

5. Check the charger:

Fakes usually have seams or irregularity of different colours between plastic parts which is never the case with original gadgets.

Remember, high-end brands make user-friendly products which is why the original products always have neat metal tips, clean finished edges and good quality insulations which is usually neglected by fakes manufacturers.

6. Take a closer look at wires and plugs:

Wire quality is one of the most obvious signs in a fake product. The original wire cable will always sit firmly and evenly, whereas in a fake one you’ll observe incorrect angles and parts hanging loosely. In some cases, the length of the plug doesn’t coincide with the depth of the socket (see above picture).

Pay attention to the quality of insulation and the symbols written on it. Make sure the wire is flexible and even-coloured, and the markings shouldn’t be easy to erase.

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