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55 people killed, 600 wounded as train derails in Cameroon

Douala: As many as 55 people were killed and nearly 600 were wounded when an overloaded passenger train derailed and overturned, the media sources revealed. The passenger train was travelling in Cameroon’s two largest cities.


Cameroon’s Transport Mnister Edge Alain MebeNgoo said that the incident happened due to overburden of the train that travelled to the economic hub of Douala.  He informed the media that at least 55 people confirmed dead and nearly 600 were wounded in the incident, many in severe condition.

Moreover, according to news agency AP, the train was occupied by 1300 passengers but it could only carry 600 passengers that became the reason of the accident.

Meanwhile, the eyewitnesses went on to say that 10 bogies of the train happened to derail and as a result many people were crushed by those bogies. They said that many people were injured and many lost their hands and feet.

The train was fully occupied by the passengers because massive rain happened in the two largest cities of Cameroon due to which people were forced to vacate the buses and travel from train. So in order to fulfill their needs, as many as 8 more bogies were added to the train by the authorities.

At the end, the transport minister said that rescue teams had arrived at the site and the bodies and injured people are being shifted to the nearby hospitals.