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5 symptoms that shows your eyesight is weaker

One the most common sign of weaker eyesight is that you see blurry vision confirms that you have poor eyesight. Even without consulting doctor a person feels that he needs a pair of glasses. But today I will tell and disclose some other symptoms that shall escape from doctor fee as well. One of the most important lesson you can learn is that you can prevent the sight from getting further weaker.

  • Headache:
    When some day will working suddenly headache right bedind your eyes. It could be farsightedness or termed as astigmatism. Which is when object when objects look unclear at certain angles due to the cornea’s shape. Both problems are resolved through glasses.
  • Halos
    When can’ t endure light into your retina the light hitting becomes scattered or blurred. It makes you see bright circles appear around lights of several shapes and sizes from light bulbs or car headlights.
  • Sleepiness when you work on computer
    When want to concentrate on work but you cannot totally concentrate it would be your eye muscles work harder. If it is the case to put on glasses those eye muscles will work hard to help visual sight clearly. This is not kind of natural for your eyes so they get tired and person feels urge of sleepiness.
  • You need more light to read
    If in your earlier time you of need little light and now you feel more light to read so it’s the time to see a eye sight consultant. To cure and prevent these kind of obstacles a person need good light natural to concentrate on reading.
  • Position at which you hold book
    The way you hold book can tell you a lot about your eyesight. If you have nearsightedness i.e. when you are unable to see things far away you bring the book 12 inches or less towards your face. Whereas if you have farsightedness you would have to hold the book at an arm’s length.