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5 dead, 2 injured in ship-breaking yard at Gadani

Hub: Monday, Five people were killed and two injured as fire broke out in a ship parked at Gadani Ship-breaking Yard.

Rescue workers are still looking for three missing people as reported by police sources. Mahmood Dani, president of the Laborers’ Association, reported that missing people are eight in number.

55 laborers were working on the ship when fire broke out because of the foam present inside the ship, told by environmental departments. Foam was not removed due to the negligence of the team. It is the same ship which caught fire in December 2016. Ship belongs to the Rizwan Diwan Farooqi who is the ex-chairman of the Ship-breaking yard.

Fires are common in in Gadani due to which atmosphere is polluted which causes serious health problems for workers. Thousand of workers work in dangerous and risky conditions. Government shows complete negligence towards theses environmental issues at Gadani. No agency is there to check the working conditions and health and safety standards at Gadani Ship-breaking Yard.

Update: 3 missing people are recovered, told by police sources.