4TH industrial revolution echoing in the world through artificial intelligence: President

KARACHI, January 20 (Online): President Arif Alvi has said tremendous change is ushering in the world and 4th industrial revolution is coming through artificial intelligence.

He was addressing the students appearing in the entry test of the Presidential Initiative for Artificial Intelligence and Computing in Karachi on Sunday.
He held a niche can be carved in international market through use of state of the art technology.

He went on to say a 4th revolution is coming through artificial intelligence. First industrial revolution was steam engine, second telecommunication and other things and the fourth revolution contains massive data. The industrial revolution has to be taken forward by upgrading thinking of students, he added.

He stated “ you are those youths who have stepped in new change. What will be taught today needs to be comprehended. You can do business while sitting in home.

He underlined enormous change is coming in the world. If all children pass this examination they all will be eligible for admission.

He remarked students can earn money while sitting in homes and can play their role in the development of the country. You can earn 30 billion dollars through this software.

“ You young people can realize the dream of new Pakistan, he observed. Intellectual companies have to be formed for absorption of students;. We will go to other cities after Karachi, he added. 2 lac people are needed in Canada who could work on intellectual intelligence.