42 militants having links with ISIS arrested from Lahore

LAHORE: 42 militants who were suspected to have links with Islamic State (IS) have been arrested by officials today in Lahore.

According to Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah the arrests were carried out after raids in Punjab.

“The arrests were the result of raids in four Punjab cities over the weekend,”

The minister believed that those arrested have been alleged to the point that they were setting up sleeper cells for IS. It is also alleged that that those arrested comprise of the ostensible IS Islamabad chief Amir Mansoor and also include his deputy Abdullah Mansoori and the group’s chief for Sindh province, Umer Kathio.

According to the minister, the raid also succumbed IS literature and weapons.

Law Minister Rana Sanaullah also stated that the operation against the arrested IS militants was instigated after a raid last week in Daska district, when 13 other IS suspects were taken in custody of the police.

The Law Minister’s testimonial arrived almost a week after the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) declared of busting an IS terror cell in Sialkot.

The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) also stated that during the raid, it arrested eight suspects and detained weapons, explosives and laptops, as well as a large number of condensed discs which held publicity material.

It is also said that an ‘IS recruiter’ has also been arrested in Karachi previously this week.

Earlier in December 2015, almost four literate men in custody on terrorism charges were detained in Karachi for their association in the Safoora attacks. It is also said that the arrested suspects had their wives and their collaborator accused of brainwashing educated and rich women in the course of oration and videos about the militant Islamic State (IS) group and other terrorist setup.

An examination report into the Safoora attackers in August stated that the suspects were affiliated with Al Qaeda and IS.