3rd Suspect in Brussels Airport Blasts Identified

A 3rd man was caught on a CCTV footage along with 2 bombers who attacked the Brussels airport on Tuesday was named as Faycal Cheffou said the Belgian media on Saturday.

The federal prosecutor’s office couldn’t immediately be reached for the comment.

On Friday, in a statement, it had named as “Faycal C” one of 3 men police had imprisoned near the federal prosecutor’s office, the profoundly guarded centre of the investigation effort.

It however didn’t say that whether he was the 3rd man, seen on CCTV footage wearing a light jacket and a hat at the Brussels airport along with 2 other suspects who are believed to have blown themselves up in the suicide bombing.

The Le Soir newspaper said that a taxi driver who drove the attackers to the airport had identified Faycal C. Earlier the newspaper had quoted the police sources as saying that it was very likely that Faycal Cheffou was the 3rd man.

CCTV surveillance image shows what Belgian officials believe may be suspects in the Brussels airport attack

The other media have also carried the similar reports & said that Faycal Cheffou was a freelance journalist.

Since Thursday, 9 people in total have been arrested in Belgium & 2 in Germany, as the European authorities swoop on the IS (Islamic State) militants that they had link to the Brussels attacks that killed over 30 people & to the attacks in Paris last Nov. that killed around 130 people.