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35 killed in clashes with IS in Iraq

Baghdad: At least 35 people were killed and their vehicles carrying heavy machine gun destroyed when international warplanes bombarded an IS headquarter near provincial capital Ramadi.

Seventeen IS militants were killed and five of their vehicles destroyed when US-led warplanes bombarded IS positions.

According to media details, extremists killed in two different airstrikes killed in al-Doulab west of the provincial capital Ramadi and Falahat area near the IS held city of Fallujah.

Separately, several roadside bombs were detonated near a military convoy in west of Ramadi, leaving six security members killed and 14 others wounded, Xinhua reported.

The suicide bombing was followed by an attack of dozens of IS militants on the military base, sparking heavy clashes with the troops which resulted in the killing of 12 extremist militants.

In December 2015, the troops recovered Ramadi, the provincial capital of the country’s largest province of Anbar from IS militants.