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28 Dead in Afghan Taliban Attack on Central Kabul

On Tuesday, a major Taliban suicide bomb & gun attack on a Govt. security office in the central Kabul during rush hour killed 28 people, and wounding over 320, only a week after the group pronounced a spring offensive.

The President, Ashraf Ghani condemned this assault “in strongest possible terms” in a statement.

The revolt led by Afghan Taliban gained strength since the extraction of the most international battle troops at 2014, and the Islamist group is thought to be sturdier than at any point since it was driven from power by the U.S.-backed local forces in year 2001.

Abdul Rahman Rahimi, the Police chief had said that the civilians & the members of Afghan security forces were among the wounded & dead.

The bold attack initiated with a suicide car bomb & security forces & the militants then exchanged gunfire.

Taliban said on their website that they’d carried out suicide bombing on “Department 10”, that is a National Directorate of Security unit responsible for protecting the Govt. ministers and VIPs.

They stated that a suicide car bomber blew up main gate present at front of office, letting the other fighters to pass in the profoundly guarded compound.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban spokesperson said in a statement that attackers were busy in gun battle with Afghan security forces inside building.

It wasn’t immediately possible to confirm the details of Taliban’s claim. The group often overstates the details of attacks against Govt. & military targets.

Taliban announced the commencement of their spring offensive on 12th April, & fighting has fumed around the northern city of Kunduz since then, even though the capital had been comparatively discreet.

Kunduz, fell briefly to Taliban last Sept in biggest blow to Ghani’s Govt. since the NATO-led forces completed their combat operations almost 2 years ago.

The Tuesday’s blast came a few days after a UN report stated that the urban warfare had triggered a spike in number of deaths & injuries among children & women in Afghanistan this year as Taliban strengthen their campaign against Ghani’s Govt., backed by West.