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26 Afghan Taliban killed in airstrikes


Asadabad: At least 26 armed Taliban were killed in airstrikes led by Afghan air forces in eastern Kunar province, the Afghan media reported here on Wednesday.

Security commander of the province Juma Gul Hemat told the sources that the airstrikes were conducted in several areas of Ghaziabad district of the province.

According to the details, some weapons and ammunitions have been seized by Afghan forces, Hemat added.
It has been said in reports that Pakistani Taliban and Chechens militants are among the victims of the attacks.


Meanwhile, so called Islamic State (IS) militants rounded up dozens of civilians and executed them in revenge after police gunned down a militant commander in the remote Afghan province of Ghor, a provincial official said on Wednesday.

The killings followed a militant attack near Feroz Koh, the capital of the central western province. Up till now, most of Islamic State activities had been taking place in the eastern province of Nangarhar.