2016 race for Presidency is tarnishing image of US in the world: Obama

WASHINGTON: Barack Obama has shown concerns that the race to replace him from the White House race is damaging America’s image abroad.

Obama showed grave concerns and alarm on the vile campaigning that will blow away everything that he had achieved during his presidency.

On Tuesday, Obama stated in front of lawmakers this campaign is nothing but “vulgar and divisive rhetoric. This is also about the American brand.”

We have heard vulgar and divisive rhetoric aimed at women and minorities, at Americans who don’t look like ‘us,’ or pray like ‘us,’ or vote like we do, Obama said, with Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny at his side.

This is also about the American brand. Who are we? How are we perceived around the world?” he asked. “The world pays attention to what we say and what we do.

His worries were directly pointed at the candidate Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

Richard Wike, director of global attitudes research at Pew Research Center  stated that they have seen a big change in the way the world sees the United States (US) under Obama.

Overall attitudes across the globe towards the US are a lot more positive today than they were during the George W. Bush era, he said, while noting the trend is not universal.

Refining America’s appearance has been a main benefit from Obama’s presidency, giving him influence with leaders keen to be seen with him.

US officials now report an “intense focus” from partners on the 2016 presidential campaign and a “laser-like focus on the Trump campaign.”

“It’s a new element that we find ourselves meeting virtually every time we meet with foreign counterparts,” said one administration official on condition of anonymity.

They want to know what exactly is going on. Are these people serious? What does this mean for our bilateral relations. It ranges from puzzlement, to bemusement, to genuine concern.

The idea of Trump’s campaign making it all the way to the Oval Office is not something some of our counterparts have responded too fondly to.

Donald Trump’s assurance to construct a wall on the Mexican border and “make” Mexico recompense for it has by now provoked angry public responses.