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20 remarkable gifts from Ayub Khan, we cannot ignore

Who repaired the Badshahi Mosque????

In our country, a welfare leader is an extinct entity nowadays. The Urdu Forum has shown an old picture of the Badshahi Mosque Lahore on Facebook, whose minarets were fully destroyed and the main gate and stairs of Masjid were presenting the scene of ruin and the mausoleum was looking in bad shape but the institution Urdu Forum did not tell the name of the person who renovated the Badshashi mosque.

  1. This was the person who repaired the mosque after spending scores of thousands of rupees and gave the mosque a magnificent look by constructing the main door and stunning stairs of marble.
  2. Lahore Choburji had three minarets and were also presenting the scene of ruins. The person returned its beauty by building the fourth minaret and renovating it.
  3. Lahore’s Shalamar Garden was deserted. The building was ruined and the paths were broken. Fountains were not working and all the garden was dead. The same person repaired the Shalamar Garden. The people are using the garden as picnic point after that repair work.
  4. The same person had constructed Minar-e-Pakistan.
  5. This was the person who brought Pakistan’s capital from the city of Karachi to the safe place like Islamabad, between the mountains and constructed government buildings.
  6. This was the person who developed agricultural areas throughout Pakistan to make Pakistan self-sufficient in food.
  7. This was the person who made an Agricultural University at 100 acres for agricultural studies and research in Faisalabad.
  8. This was the person who created the first Warsak Dam to store irrigation water and produce electricity, then constructed Mangla and Tarbela dams. He planned to build the Kala Bagh Dam, which led to the political crisis in the past forty years due to the later inept leadership.
  9. This was the person who realised the needs of the PU in the future and acquired the 27 square land on the sides of the canal for New Campus and built academic and hostel buildings there.
  10. This was the person who built a new bridge on the river Ravi, Chenab, Jhelum and Attock, built on the river Indus along the railway bridge and built a stunning suspension bridge on the pillars.
  11. This was the person who made a 100-mile shortcut super highway from Karachi to Hyderabad.
  12. This was the person who built a tanks factory in Taxila. This factory made Al-Khalid tanks.
  13. This was the person who made the factory in Risalpur to build railway engines.
  14. This was the person who made the factory in Islamabad to make railway boggies.
  15. This was the person whose policies helped establish Textile Industries in Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad and Multan.
  16. This was the person who made Textile University on many acres area in Faisalabad.
  17. This was the person who had foreseen oil problems in future and had run an experimental electric train from Lahore to Khanewal. Alas! our people sold the wires of that train and also sold the poles of wires.
  18. In 1952, Gwadar was part of Muscat, the currency was from India and Post and Telegraph Pakistan; the same person purchased Gwadar area in a distant state and included it in Pakistan. Gawadar Port of Pakistan is now available for Central Asian countries.
  19. This was the person who had made a flat paper mill for making paper and bamboo paper in eastern Pakistan, plus a large set of dresses and sacks from ‘puttson’ and gave millions of fishermen power boats so that they could easily catch fish in the ocean.
  20. This was the person who had done all this in just ten years, but our greedy people threw him out on false allegations of the false politicians, who had done all this for Pakistan.

What Shakespeare said of Julius Caesar, also very aptly applies to this great leader: “This was a man”!

The great person’s name was

Ayub Khan

Former President of Pakistan