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2.2 billion People at Risk of Zika Virus

Zika virus that is spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, had this year triggered a worldwide health emergency. The US Centres for Disease Control & Prevention last week had confirmed that virus causes the severe birth defects.

The most recent research disclosed that mapping the Zika virus was more intricate than simply outlining where the mosquito can endure.

Dr. Oliver Brady of Oxford University, who is one of the researchers,  said that, “These’re the 1st maps to come out that really use data we’ve for Zika – earlier the maps were based on Zika being like chikungunya or dengue.’’

“We’re the 1st to add the precise geographic and environmental conditions data we have on Zika.”

By learning where Zika virus could thrive researchers could predict where else may be affected. Researchers confirmed that the large areas of South America are susceptible.

Around 2.2 billion people living in the areas are defined as being “at the risk”.

2.2 billion People at Risk of Zika Virus
Over 2 billion people live in parts of the world where the Zika virus can spread, detailed maps published in the journal eLife show.

The septicity is alleged of leading to thousands of babies being born with the underdeveloped brains.

The zones that are at risk in South America include the long stretches of the coastline along with the cities along Amazon river & its tributaries twisting through continent.

And in Florida, Texas and US could sustain infection when the temperatures rise in summer.

Dr Brady added that, “Mosquitoes are just 1 condition needed for the Zika virus to spread but there is a whole range of other ones,’’

“It needs to be warm enough for the Zika to replicate inside mosquito & for there to be a large enough population to transmit it.”

Both Asia & Africa have the large areas that’d be susceptible to virus, said the researches.

Nevertheless, the study can’t answer that why the large numbers of cases haven’t already been reported.

1 likely description is that the both continents have already had a large numbers of the cases & the populations there’ve become mostly immune to virus.