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No Child Pornography Ring In Pakistan, Concludes NR3C

Islamabad: According to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Pakistan is not involved in child pornography on the dark web.

Following the huge public and media outcry in Zainab’s rape and murder case, it is worth mentioning here that Dr. Shahid Masood indicated the presence of child pornography ring active in Pakistan with international connections. But the NR3C team’s conclusion is other wise.

On January 26, 2018, for the first time, in Pakistan’s history, a National Response for Centre of Cyber Crimes (NR3C) team has been established to interrogate the online child pornography crimes.

Additionally, zonal in-charges of all NR3Cs were directed to submit a complete summary of all registered-cases related to child sex abuse and child pornography.

Following the issuance of the notification, an accused was arrested from Jhang last Sunday with 60GB data of child pornography material, an electrical engineer by profession, according to the sources. The FIA arrested the culprit on the information of the Interpol’s Canada branch.

So far, the FIA’s National Response for Centre of Cyber Crimes (NR3C) has received no complaints from any Pakistani national with respect to the registered-cases or investigations concerning child pornography, according to sources.

The sources said that the FIA’s cell had launched investigations, in most cases, on receipt of an information provided by the Interpol and multiple requests made  from different foreign embassies.