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16-year-old son of DSP runs car over Channel 24 NLE

LAHORE: NLE of Channel 24 has been killed in Johar Town by a 16-year-old boy named Talha when he ran over his car over him due to over speeding.

Talha is son of DSP Naveed Irshad and also didn’t have driving licence as he was under- age yet.

25-year-old Rana Bilal was the NLE of Channel 24. Police proved the lack of justice in society again and didn’t arrest Talha for long.

According to details, Bilal was on the way to home after his job when the car hit him bike hard. Bilal died at the spot and car driver fled away.

After investigation, police came to know that driver was the son of DSP Naveed Irshad and was not eligible to drive as he was only of 16- years.

DSP SON TALHA channel 24

DIG operation Dr. Haider Ashraf told that FIR has been registered against alleged and interrogations have been started. However, police is trying to save the killer.

DSP has handed over his son into police custody following the FIR registered against his son.