15 year old dies after being raped and set on fire

NOIDA: As reported by the Indian media on Monday, the 15 year old girl that was raped set on fire has died on Wednesday.

Earlier on Monday, the 15-year-old girl was rushed to hospital in critical state after she was purportedly raped and set on fire near Delhi.

The girl suffered 95 per cent burns and her worsening state was bringing a challenge to the doctors. Uttar Pradesh state police constable Yadram Singh says the girl could not survive the burns and died early morning.

She was on a high dose of antibiotics and was being administered fluids. We are trying to control the spread of infection in her blood which can lead to multi-organ failure, earlier stated the doctor at Delhi’s Safdarjung hospital.

Police had been interrogating a man in her village as the class 10 student had dropped out of school last year after a 20-year-old man supposedly hassled and tracked her till she stopped getting out of her house.

Witnesses earlier told us that the boy entered her house forcibly and after raping her he burnt her. We are waiting for a medical report…the percentage of burns is high, a police officer said.

On Monday, the girl’s parents heard her screaming from the porch of their home in Noida and found her alight at around 2.30 am.

The Indian rate of rape and murder of women in particular is very alarming. As reported earlier by Baaghi TV, millions of women and children are trafficked in India which, according to the US State Department, is “a source, destination and transit” country for “men women and children subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking”.

Besides the marketing for prostitution, girls and women are credited and sold into enforced marriages in parts where there is a shortfall of women due to female infanticide.

We have to give gold, silver, cash, vessels, beds, television sets, air coolers, clothes to the groom’s family and also arrange for a three-day village feast during a daughter’s wedding. We have to start saving for the dowry since the day a daughter is born. I will have to sell my land to get them married, a mother in Rajasthan said.

India is a state having many complexities in it. There is a dire need of an important and lifelong alteration, the dangerous ranks of disparity and societal prejudice within Indian society need to be addressed and, as the idealistic Brandt Report made clear, the most effective way to do this is through the equitable sharing of resources, knowledge and wealth.