13 Reasons Why Season 3 Has Been Confirmed

13 reasons why is a show about suicide where a girl; Hannah Baker, records 13 tapes where she blames 12 people for the reasons that led her to commit suicide. It is a Netflix show and is watched by many people around the globe. It was the most tweeted show of 2017 and has around 6 million US viewers which also makes is the most popular show on social media.

13 reasons why season 2

13 reasons why announced that the show has been commissioned for season 3 by uploading a video of a school locker with the number 3 on it, through its official twitter account.


season 3 commission

Not only does the show address sensitive issues such as suicide, it also sheds light upon the very serious issues like sexual assault and school shootings. The show is based on a novel written by Jay Asher in 2007 and it ended with the death of Hannah Baker due to which fans found season 2 ‘unnecessary.’ Season 3 also got the same response by some but the CEO of Netflix; Reed Hastings claims that “Nobody has to watch it.”

Parents Television Council has requested Netflix to cancel the show because of the rape scene shown in the last episode. Moreover the second scene also displays school shootings, drug addiction, rape culture and depression.

Critics are not satisfied with the show and do not like its story, find it ‘pointless’ and ‘badly written.’

But everyone does not agree with them. Some people believe that it shows the true picture of how life is for teenagers these days due to which viewers feel a sense of belonging and can empathise with the characters because they have witnessed or experienced similar problems in life. They believe that people need to see this show or else they will continue on denying reality and maybe this way, when the society is shown its reality, evils like this will be eliminated and discouraged, the society might take an action against such deviance.

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