120 Hindu pilgrims reach Lahore to celebrate ‘Shvratri’

LAHORE: At least 120 Hindu pilgrims reached Lahore through Wagah border on Saturday in order to celebrate ‘Shivratri’.

According to details, the Hindu pilgrims reached to obey the rituals of ‘Shivratri’ at Katas Raj Temple which is considered as a sacred place in Hinduism.

Chairman Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) Siddique ul Farooq, additional secretary Shrinz Khalid Ali and deputy secretary general Syed Faraz Abbas welcomed the Hindu pilgrims.

Chairman ETPB informed the media that foolproof security measures was uplifted for the security of Hindu pilgrims and managed that Hindu pilgrims visit historical places of Lahore under the planned agreement between ETPB and Lahore Old City Authority (LOCA).

Siddique ul Farooq added that the pilgrims would be granted with all facilities including medical and transportation and ETPB will serve Hindu pilgrims in the same way it welcomed the Sikh pilgrims, “We should serve the Hindu pilgrims such a way that they remember it while leaving to their home”.

The group leader of Hindu pilgrims, Sataish Kumar said, “Both countries should have good relation and live like neighborhood countries to dissolve long-standing issues. People from both countries wish to have good relations and want promotion of peach in the region.”

The Hindu pilgrims would return back to India on 11th March after completing the celebrations of the occasion. It is to be mentioned here that almost 170 Hindu pilgrims applied for the visa and 125 of those were approved.

According to HinduS’ custom and belief,, It is the day Shiva was married to Parvati. The Maha Shivratri festival, also popularly known as ‘Shivratri’ or ‘Great Night of Lord Shiva’, is observed on the 13th night/14th day in the Krishna Paksha every year on the month of Falgun according to the Hindu calendar.

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