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12 Killed and 42 wounded in Terrorist Attacks in Tehran

The Iranian interior ministry in a statement that 12 people have been killed and 42 others wounded in this morning’s terrorist attacks in Tehran, stressing that the security situation is now fully under control. Iranian local media reported.


Two terrorist teams simultaneously entered the area around the shrine of (the late founder of the Islamic Republic) Khomeini and the administrative building of the parliament on Wednesday, the statement said.


“The first terrorist team, comprised of two people, entered shrine at 10:30 local time (06:00 GMT). Simultaneous with the first team, the second terrorist team that included four people tried to opened its way into the parliament’s administrative building but after the reaction of one of the security guards, one of them was killed in a suicide blast and three others were killed in clashes with the security forces after blind shootings and attempts to enter the upper floors of the parliament’s administrative building,” the statement said, adding that 12 Iranian people were killed and 42 others were wounded by the terrorists on Wednesday.


“Now, both incidents have ended and the situation is fully under the control of the security and law enforcement police forces,” it underlined.


The statement added that the country’s security council, headed by the interior minister, will hold a meeting on Wednesday evening to scrutinise the two terrorist incidents.


ISIS have released video from inside the Iran parliament


ISIS has claimed responsibility for twin attacks at the Iranian parliament and the tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini in Tehran, its first major terror operation on Iranian soil.

video by (Boo Tv)