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1,100 giant rats killed in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: Ever since Peshawar management decided on starting an operation against the rats, the management has since killed almost 1,100 giant rats in the past six days.

The rats had caused serious problems for citizens in recent times.

Zonal in-charge of Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP), Salahuddin stated that the operation against the ‘giant rats’ continues in different areas of Peshawar, adding that at least 1,100 rats have been killed thus far.

The ‘operations’ were passed out in Qisakhwani, Namak Mandi, Bashirabad, Kohati, Bacha Khan colony and other areas of the provincial capital.

Peshawar’s district government had previously proclaimed an unusual ambition, fixing Rs25 bounty for killing a rat.

Salahuddin claimed that a WSSP team encompassing 10 members was sent to each area for the purpose.

They are placing rat poison, mixed in 500 bread pieces and 50 kilograms of tomato, in different areas. By the next morning they go to collect the dead bodies.

He commended the competence of the team, saying the dead bodies were also being discarded “suitably.”

When asked about the distribution of ‘head money’ proclaimed on killing the rats, he said the administration was getting entitlements but so far not a single rupee had been distributed.

On Friday night, the city district government initiated the rat killing campaign in the city.

The problem rose to attention after a minor child died of injuries exacted by rat bites last month.

The matter has also been raised in the provincial assembly and the Peshawar High Court is also hearing a case on rat infestation in the city.