10,000 Kashmiri youth have been arrested during the last 5 months

ISLAMABAD – The Foreign Office on Thursday said that Indian intervention and subversive activities in Pakistan have been uncovered.

Tending to weekly media briefing, FO Spokesman Nafees Zakaria said the admission of Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadav was a solid confirmation of Indian inclusion.

“Exercises of Indian Research and Analysis Wing and Intelligence Bureau, and IB agents working at Indian High Commission in Islamabad, Chuck Hagel’s announcement, PM (Narendra) Modi’s announcement of August 15 and the one at Dhaka University, Ministers Ajit Doval and Manohar Parrikar articulations of utilizing Taliban (situated in Afghanistan) against Pakistan and fear financing, are a portion of the references,” he said.

Zakaria said that Pakistan had before additionally brought up these issues with the UNSG and UNSC individuals and “we would raise it on every single fitting event.”

He said that the Indian intervention in Pakistan was a reasonable infringement of the arrangements of UN Charter relating to the regard for the sway of its individuals.

Zakaria said since Burhan Muzaffar Wani’s extra judicial killing in July by the Indian occupation forces in Kashmir, India has been arbitrarily capturing pure Kashmiris utilizing the draconian laws or untamed laws, for example, Public Safety Act.

“More than 10,000 Kashmiri youth have been captured amid the most recent 5 months and there is no news about them whether they have been tormented and sent to the comparable ‘mass graves’ that were found in 2009. Pakistan is profoundly worried about the destiny of those captured Kashmiris,” the representative said.

He said that the worldwide group must stop Indian brutalities and carnage of Kashmiris. “We call upon the UN, the Human Rights Watch, the Amnesty International, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and other such associations to censure India for its unmitigated infringement of human rights,” he said.

He said that apparently, the Indian rulers had begun issuing residence authentications to non-Kashmiri Hindus in Jammu locale. The move, he said, was a piece of the administration’s detestable plans to change the statistic creation of the region.

“This demonstration of getting material change the debated region of Jammu and Kashmir is an unmitigated infringement of UNSC Resolutions on Kashmir. Kashmiris have trusts that worldwide group and important universal associations will call India to the record,” he said.

The representative said that at a global European Kashmir meeting in Denmark a month ago, delegates of 500 different political and social associations and non-administrative associations embraced Copenhagen Declaration called, entomb alia, for the arrival of those captured under rebellious laws quickly and the individuals who blinded Kashmiris utilizing pellet firearms be conveyed to book.

As to Supreme Court’s disputable decision on Kashmir, calling it a sacred piece of India, he said that the Kashmir issue was exceptional on the UN Security Council’s plan.

“India as a state has been continually damaging UNSC resolutions on Kashmir by calling it as its basic part. India is additionally a violator of the UNSC resolutions by virtue of denying UNMOGIP access to Indian involved Kashmir,” he said.

He said that Russia, Pakistan and China trilateral meeting will be held in Moscow on December 27 to talk about territorial strength and issues.

“The Foreign Secretary (Aizaz Chaudhry) will lead the Pakistani appointment at this meeting. This is a current gathering for undertaking casual discourses on issues of provincial peace and strength incorporating the circumstance in Afghanistan,” he said.

Zakaria said that Pakistan bolsters peace and security in Afghanistan which is in light of a legitimate concern for Pakistan and the whole area. “In this soul, we stay conferred and extend all collaboration to the endeavors towards acquiring peace and soundness Afghanistan. Pakistan has assumed an extremely positive part in conveying warring groups to the arranging table. At whatever point we are drawn nearer to convey the warring groups to the arranging table, we will help,” he said.

Inquired as to Ourselves President-elect Donald Trump’s announcement against Muslims and Israeli parliament’s late enactments on Jews settlements in Palestine, he said that psychological oppressors had no religion.

“It will not be right to partner this wonder with any one religion. Vitally, Islam does not show savagery or psychological oppression. Various references to this are accessible, in the announcements by different religious pioneers over the world. Fear based oppression is a worldwide marvel and individuals from different locales and countries have been executing psychological warfare,” he explained.

Zakaria said since 1967, Israel had proceeded with settlement development and extension in the West Bank incorporating into East Jerusalem in insubordination of its worldwide law commitments. “This illicit movement has rendered the West Bank, including the East Jerusalem, progressively divided,” he said.

He said that Pakistan emphatically contradicted the development of Jewish settlements on Palestinian land, and censures all unlawful exercises of the Israeli government, including settlements, the division divider, unearthings underneath the Al-Aqsa mosque and intense expulsion of Palestinians from their homes.

He said that there were 728 Pakistani nationals kept in different correctional facilites in the Western district of Saudi Arabia which fall under the consular ward of Jeddah Consulate.

“On a normal, 150 to 175 abroad Pakistanis are encouraged in such manner every month,” Zakaria said.

He said that check of interest and validity of visas issued by the businesses in Saudi Arabia ought to be completed by the pertinent service and properly bore witness to by welfare wing in Pakistan missions abroad.

On truck assault in Germany, Zakaria said: “I think in such manner there are reports that the Pakistani at first arraigned for a horrendous assault, was not included in the occurrence and consequently discharged. Our international safe haven is in contact with German compelling voices in such manner. What you are alluding to is not something I can remark on. As indicated by German sources, he was discharged”.

He said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif finished up a three-day gainful visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Commenting on information about Indian Coast Guards who allegedly entered Pakistani regional waters, and captured 26 Pakistani anglers close Sir Creek, Zakaria said: “I am yet to get subtle elements on it. When I have the imperative data from the important powers, it will be shared.”