£1.5m a month expenses: Johnny Depp faces financial crunch

Los Angeles: The world renowned actor, Johnny Depp, is facing financial turmoil over his lavish lifestyle.

The actor, who has recently endured a costly divorce, spends over £1.5 million a month on his daily life.

According to Depp’s former managers, the actor splashed out £21 million in the past year alone.

He spends £24,000 a month on wine, £238,600 a month on his 40 staff members and £159,000 a month on private planes, they added.

He has also splashed out £8 million on a collection of art work and 70 guitars, and even bought a £14.3 million 150ft luxury yacht.

The Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas actor also spent £2.4 million to send the ashes of his friend and author Hunter S Thompson into space.

Amazingly, Johnny Depp is suing his former managers for £20 million for ‘embezzlement’ in his earnings. However, the actor is facing a counter lawsuit filed by The Management Group (TMG). The group described him as a ‘voracious’ spender.

The former managers of Hollywood A-lister claimed to have warned him over his lavish lifestyle he adopted during his last 20 years, which cost more than £1.5 million a month.

They alleged that his lifestyle led him towards financial crunch. Depp’s lawsuit accused his former advisers of defrauding him out of his fortune.

TMG handled the 53-year-old’s finances from 1999 until early 2016. During that time, Depp’s career boosted after perforating main role of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates Of The Caribbean movie franchises, which helped him earn more than £200 million.