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SC Human Rights Cell disposes of 15,740 applications in six months


ISLAMABAD (Online): The Human Right (HR) Cell of Supreme Court (SC) disposed of 15,740 applications from December 01, 2015 to May  31, 2016 out of a total pending applications of 25,343.

Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali was informed by the HR Cell officials during his review of the last six months performance of the body, said a press release issued.

The disposed of applications included overseas Pakistanis complaints regarding delay in issuance of CNOP machine readable passports, illegal dispossession of properties, usurpation of inherited properties, lack of qualified professional legal advice, fraud and others.

Moreover, action was also taken on individual complaints carrying public issues like flaws in public health care system, cases from police despotism, administrative anomalies, tyrannies by powerful class, threats to minorities and their place of worship, cases of Karo Kari and Wani, matters of non-payment of pension of retired employees as well as the delayed payment of salaries to low government employees.

The chief justice directed Director-General of the Cell to ensure proper and timely compliance of the court directions by public functionaries.