⁠⁠⁠Maryam Aurangzeb clarifies the purpose of PM’s visit to Hyderabad

ISALAMABD: State minister for information Mariyum Aurangzeb clarified the Prime Minister’s visit to Hyderabad. She said that PM would visit every province and no one should politicize the matter.

The state minister said it while she addressing Pakistan Safe Schools Initiative’s conference under the support of National Disaster Management Authority Pakistan (NDMA).

Maryam also emphasized that the visit of PM to each province is important, as he is the prime minister for all the provinces.
“The prime minister will ensure completion of the projects which the provinces weren’t able to, during his visits to all provinces,” she added.

She said that chief ministers of other provinces should also carry out development works in their provinces as the Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shehbaz Sharif did.
Prime Minister had visited Hyderabad yesterday. He also addressed the public and had criticized the PPP government.

He had announced many mega projects which includes motorway, university, international airport, hospitals and health cards for the natives.

PM had announced such mega projects at the time when general elections of 2018 are close. PM’s visit to Sindh was also in response to Zardari’s campaign in Punjab to strengthen its base.

If PM’s visit was a general one, why did the PM not announce such mega projects in the past?