Senate Standing Committee on Water and Power meets


ISLAMABAD, Oct 20 (APP): Senate Standing Committee on Water and Power met with Chairman Iqbal Zafar Jhagra in the chair here on Tuesday.
The Committee discussed public petition submitted by Syed Jaffar pertaining to WAPDA bills. The Committee took under consideration of public petition submitted by Imran Afzal pertaining to HT/LT line distance.
The Committee also discussed public petition submitted by Jahangir Akhtar pertaining to compensation to AJK Mangla Dam affected people and public petition submitted by Fazal Elahi pertaining to provision of electricity also discussed by the committee.
The Committee discussed the issue of electricity load shedding in Mansehra district of KP, Balochistan as referred by the House.
Briefing by the Chief Executive Officer, FESCO on functions structure and administrative matters also discussed in the meeting of the committee.




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  1. The Senate committee meeting have completed and result is zero we pay full charges electricity bill like brave pakistani. what is doing get togethers and also media is happy no problems for them . KHUD KOSHI TOU GRIB NADAR KAR RA HA. AP SUB MUJ MASTI KARAN. WELL DONE COMMITTEE AND WELL DONE MEDIA.

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