PTI fails to muster Much public for Sept 8 ‘jalsa’


Jam-packed – is what often related as a synonym to the huge public gatherings of PTI Chairman Imran Khan across the country but yesterday’s power show by the party has badly failed to muster support for the PTI candidate Dr Yasmin Rashid for NA-120 by-polls.

Selection of the venue has itself raised some eyebrows because the place where September 8 gathering was conducted is a relatively narrow chunk of Jail Road near Qartaba Chowk where the road squeezes a bit to connect with Ferozepur Road and Queens Road and popularly renowned as a junction of roads connecting different areas of the city. Apparently, it seemed that the selection of gathering venue may

It is pertinent to mention here that Dr Yasmin Rashid’s private clinic – – in front of Lahore College for Women University – is also located at the stone’s throw distance from the yesterday’s PTI gathering at Qartaba Chowk.

There was a popular belief that due to a congested and populous locality around the September 8’s gathering of PTI, a large number of people would show up to register their support for the party candidate contesting against the two bigwigs of political arena – PML-N and PPP – in upcoming NA-120 by-election.

پی ٹی آئی کا لاہور جلسہ، عمران خان کی تقریر کے دوران کرسیاں خالی ہو گئیں۔

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But the pictures and footages are telling a relatively different story and speaks volumes about the poor power show of the PTI. A large number of empty chairs at the back and some in the centre show lack of interest by the locals in the PTI public gathering which the party claimed to be a trend-setter gathering before the NA-120 by-election.

Some serious door-to-door campaigning by Dr Yasmin Rashid and other party leaders including Abdul Aleem Khan have become the need of the hour which must be addressed on war-footing before the September 17 by-polls. Keeping in mind the PTI’s ‘Youm-e-Tashhakur’ gathering in Islamabad, yesterday’s Lahore gathering was totally a flop show by the party and the party kingpins should think about it and address the issue by mobilising the public at Union Council (UC) level.

چور عمران کا خالی کرسیوں کی جلسی سے خطاب " 😂 گن کر 400 افراد شریک ہاہا 😂 😂 🤣"

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-Empty seats during PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s speech




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