CSRI: Pakistan in bottom ten countries in real annual wealth growth rates 2000–2015


The Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of information on global household wealth. This year, the United States continued adding to global wealth at an impressive rate, with solid growth also evident in China. Elsewhere, local currency wealth gains were offset by depreciation against the US dollar, so that world wealth declined overall by USD 12.4 trillion. The share of financial assets rose again as a percentage of total wealth and may help explain why wealth inequality is edging upwards. The top 1% of wealth holders now own half of all household wealth.

World Wealth

World Wealth

Pakistan with -0.3% has got 5th place in the bottom 10 countries with real annual wealth growth during years from 2000-2015.

Other countries in bottom ten include Netherlands 0.4%, Algeria 0.3%, Japan 0.3%, Spain 0.2%, Portugal -0.4%, Turkey -1.1%, Greece -1.3%, Argentina -1.7% and Egypt -3.4%.

Pakistan is also in bottom 10 in 2010-2015 separate ratings.

Real annual wealth growth rates 2000–2015

Real annual wealth growth rates 2000–2015




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