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  1. Dear Lucman,” seek and ye shall find ” Gordon college logo conveys a message that search and you can even find GOD as some say . there is no doubt ,our country is packed with talented people . every human being that ALLAH has created possesses one special quality which needs to be dug out by the individual himself . a person might be a jack of all trades ,but one special talent makes him a master in one particular field ,may be not fully explored by the individual himself . your program found out a talent of this country on the streets neglected ,ignored and totally discarded ,rather rejected . Yes ! ALLAH has HIS ways of rewarding . if by any chance you think a slight projection can be given to unearth ,from the ruins ,totally abandoned Financially murdered ,talent do ask for my story details just for the hack of reading and going through a few past pages of time . which cannot be changed . it is just like Omer Khayyam’s poetry “The moving finger writes and having writ moves on ;,

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