Using an abusive language in TV programs is becoming a trend and now Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUIF) Senator Hafiz Hamdullah verbally abused a female analyst and rights activist Marvi Sirmed during a television show on Friday.

It all started with a comment of Barrister Masroor, a panelist, over the apathy of the Council of Islamic Ideology on these honor killings. His words ‘pee k soey hue hain’ (sleeping after getting intoxicated) enraged Hamdullah. When Marvi Sirmed started her comment saying, “I agree with Masroor sahb to the extent that.” the Senator abruptly interrupted her saying, “I won’t allow you to speak if you are supporting his words”.

The argument between Hamdullah and Sirmed resulted in exchange of hot words between them. The reprehensible language was omitted from the transmission. However, in a Facebook post Sirmed revealed those disgraceful words that the law maker spoke to her in the show. She also accused Hamdullah of trying to physically attack her but failed as the panelist Fayaz ul Hassan Chauhan intervened.

According to Marvi Sirmed Hafiz Hamdullah called her a whore and said “Tumhari sahlwar utar doon ga or tumhari maa ki bh”then I returned to his own family women. Marvi Sirmed said that he threatened to rape her. She said JUI(F) has direct links with the Taliban and she would lodge an FIR against JUI (F) leader.  She also accused Hamdullah of trying to physically attack her but failed as the panelist Fayaz ul Hassan Chauhan intervened.

According to senior anchorperson Mubasher Lucman this program was planted and it’s responsibility of the TV channel to apologize from Marvi Sirmed. He said it should be condemned and PEMRA should take action on it. Mubasher Lucman said according to me (JUIF) Senator Hafiz Hamdullah is out of Islam because to disrespect any woman is against the soul of Islam. He further said that he boycott Hafiz Hamdullah in his program.

PTI leader Fayyaz ul Hassan said, he advised Senator Hafiz Hamdullah to answer with logic instead of aggressive intent and this attitude against the teachings of Islam but he was furious at that time. He demanded Hamdullah should say sorry to Marvi Sirmed. He said trend to disrespect women in politics was started by Nawaz sharif.




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  1. In defence of Marvi Sirmid
    The verbal clash between rights activist Marvi Sirmid and JUI-F Senataor Hafiz Hamdullah in a news show has gone viral after which the female activist got overwhelming support from across the society. Reportedly, the Senator used abusive and filthy language against her and also tried to attack Marvi physically which was duly intercepted by PTI’s Faizul Hasan Chohan and was forced out by the security guards.
    This is not the first time that JUI-F lawmaker has made headlines due to his unruly behavior, he had been involved in similar incidents several times before. Amir Liaquat Hussain had reprimanded the Senator in a show for staring at Mehar Abbasi and Marvi Sirmid sometime ago. Despite Senator Hamdullah’s attitude, he has been a regular participant in talk shows and none has taken notice of this, neither Pemra.
    Women are a neglected and marginalized segment of our society, and needs support from such elements. Amir Liaquat invited Marvi in his Ramazan transmission to show that she is not alone and attempts by likes of Hamdullah to silence them shall not be allowed. There is a need to take this issue more strongly and aggressively by all of us.

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