How LGS Paragon’s Principal ruined a teacher’s life


Nowadays, the standard of education sectors and education itself are nothing but to make money. All private schools are selling their services on the name of education.

These institutes charge, just to make our children understand that how they can get higher grades. They just taught that how to talk in the English language and not how to talk with others.

A very famous private school of our country namely Lahore Grammar School is one of them. There are a number of complaints about the management of this school. Not only students but some teachers are also against the school policies and management.

On August 23, 2017, Mubasher Lucman in his show, Khara Sach raised this issue against these institutions. One of his guests told in the show that how the LGS is responsible for the murder of her daughter. He told that her daughter was studying in some branch of the LGS where a teacher discouraged her and cursed her because she was weak in Math subject. This insult made her so depressed that she died because of the heart attack.

After this show (Khara Sach) many people came on the floor to stand against these so-called policies of these schools.

One of the teachers of LGS contacted Baaghi TV. She is also a victim of the Lahore Grammar School, Paragon campus. She was expecting a baby. One day she was not feeling good and asked the school management to take a day off but they replied that we can’t allow you to take a day off because Principal doesn’t allow anyone. At that time, her family was facing some financial crisis and she can’t afford to quit that job.

Teaching is a quite hectic job and it is really challenging for her to continue her job in this condition.

Anyhow, she got ready and come to school. While entering the school, she felt something wrong. At that moment, she was shocked because she doesn’t even know what is happening. Her water bag burst out in front of everyone and started bleeding. It was so embarrassing for her. She was totally confused and had no idea how to deal with this condition. No one was there to help her in this panic situation. At last, a maid helped her and take her to the washroom.

She then called her family and the family took her to the hospital. After all the tests, the doctor told her that her water bag just burst out, the baby is still alive but the movement was sluggish. On doctor’s opinion, she agreed for the operate.

The operation carried out but unfortunately, the child died. She was not even wanted to see her dead child because she was not in that condition. Her husband took their child alone to the graveyard and buried him. Her husband was also blaming her for this loss.

Just to prove herself a professional, committed and dedicated teacher she didn’t take off against the management orders and suffered a lot. No one even came for condolence but only a few friends. After this, she took a month off for her recovery. During this period, she had to do work from home because of the Principal orders. After one month of rest, she couldn’t be managed to serve like she was performing earlier because she was facing some internal issues so the school had asked for her resignation.

She contacted Baaghi TV but she neither wants to blackmail the school nor wants her job back. She just wants to share her cruel experience.




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