Bollywood celebrities condemn intolerance towards Pakistani artists


As the threats from Shiv Sena continues to endanger Pakistani artists’ career in Bollywood, some of the Bollywood celebrities have come up with supporting statements for Pakistani artists believing that the politics should be kept aside of art.

Numerous celebrities from Bollywood have come up to raise voice in support of the Pakistani artists that are being targeted by Shiv Sena.

The Pakistani artists have been targeted by Shiv Sena due to the ongoing political crises between the two countries that are on hike now a days.

The celebrities came up with an idea that the art should be put in danger for political reasons and that Pakistani artists have come to work here in India to promote culture between the two.

Recently, a partner of the ruling alliance in Maharashtra Shiv Sena has cancelled concert of Ghulam Ali, a Pakistani singer; forcefully. He has also stated that none of the Pakistani actors, singers, cricketers or any other performer will not be allowed to step on the land of Maharashtra.

Image Credit: IANS

Image Credit: IANS

“Actress Nimrat Kaur said that she doesn’t endorse any sort of inhibition on an artist being able to perform”

During the stage musical premier of The Beauty and The Beast, the Bollywood celebrities who attended the event were not happy with the threat and said that the art and culture need to remain separated from politics.

Image Credit: IANS

Image Credit: IANS

“Film director Anurag Basu shows his support for the Pakistani artists who have been tragetted by the Shiv Sena”

“We have no idea what has been the main cause between this pattern or agenda or plan even when some of the films that were released, where were they at that time? The eager will end up soon or in a year or so and the consistency will never be there to witness anything like that”, he added.

Image Credit: PTI

Image Credit: PTI

“Soha Ali Khan has come out in support of the Pakistani artists being targeted by the Shiv Sena”

“This has nothing to do with art and artists. Bollywood has never got affected with this and never will. The ethos of India and Bollywood is very strong. This binds together the whole country. When we go to watch a film in the theatre, you don’t think if the person sitting beside you is a Hindu or a Pakistani.”

Image Credit: IANS

Image Credit: IANS

‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ film director Kabir Khan said that arts and culture should be kept away from politics”

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